IMAGE COLLECTIONS     Hanging Lake in Spring

As those that have gone before you know, the hike to Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs Colorado is a steep hike (elevation gain of 1020 feet). Luckily it is a short hike (1.2 miles). You can enjoy it in all seasons if you go prepared. Hanging Lake, and the trail to and from, can get very crowded. And unfortunately not everyone that makes the trip enjoys the lake for the same reasons or in the same manner as you might. If you want to really enjoy the lake in your own way and in your own time, be selective on when you start up the trail. I prefer an early start.

I have watched many people on the way to Hanging Lake with one goal in mind, to reach the lake. Enjoy the full adventure. There are numerous sections of Dead Horse Creek with tremendous visual appeal(you may want a break anyway). And don’t forget to visit Spouting Rock just a few steps beyond. For your photos, find a different viewpoint without trampling the vegetation.